Artist's Statement

My work is birthed from the visions I see during meditation. In that quiet observation of the still space, I discover flickers of insight, images in my mind’s eye that illustrate our true divine nature. I often feel guided to a spiritually charged landscape that transcends the physical realm and allows me to play with the unseen during these sacred visits.  Using Photography, I make the unseen, seen.

This is the challenging aspect of my practice, to articulate the experiences of the poetic invisible using a medium originally designed for evidence gathering, documentary reporting, and truth telling.  By digitally altering the image, I share the experience of what is true on a personal level, through both seemingly impossible portraits and landscapes.  In “Nous” the subject’s surface identity is stripped away to reveal the true essence animating all of us.  Beneath our Ego, behind the illusion of the Self, is a force we all share - it is where we come from, what we are made of, and what connects us to the whole.  The word “Nous” is British slang for Common Sense, as well as the Greek word for intuition, intelligence, and Cosmic Mind; Plato used the word to mean Awareness; in French it simply translates as We.  

Ultimately I wish to inspire the same sense of awe that I feel in that quiet, blissful stillness.  I create visual meditations for the viewer to relax into, and perhaps to discover their own truths within.  In this way, my work begins and ends with meditation – I sit, I watch, I transcribe.  The work is complete when it becomes a meditation in itself.