GUIDED // Extended Workshop for Intuitive Development


GUIDED // Extended Workshop for Intuitive Development



An extended workshop for Awakening Light.

In a grounded, fun, and encouraging environment:
Learn how to connect to Spirit
Discover who Spirit Guides are + why they want to help you
Develop your intuition
Read energy
Receive messages from your Spirit Guides

Our focus will be on leaning into the supportive web of love that surrounds us, receiving guidance, and learning how to trust our own intuition (the best guide we have!), while enjoying a fun afternoon with like-minded people.

Our soul's support teams are always available, wishing to guide us towards an illuminated, peaceful, wonder-full life on this sacred planet. Awakening greatly increases our watts - by joining in this sacred work, we amplify the light within and energise the awakening light around us. Now our souls are activated - what was there all along, waiting to be unleashed, has come alive. The giant red button of our spirit is pushed. Let us journey forward together to discover what guidance is waiting to be heard!

NEXT EXTENDED WORKSHOP // Saturday, July 7th from 2-6pm in Crystal Palace (London, SE19)

Following this workshop, monthly development circles will be offered to keep this energy growing - beginning August 26th from 2-4pm.

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