Reiki 1 - The First Degree (Two Day Course) Deposit

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Reiki 1 - The First Degree (Two Day Course) Deposit


The First Degree is an initiation into Reiki. The focus is on Self-Healing, opening the energy channels, and learning how to connect to the universal life force energy.  You will receive four separate attunements (empowerments) to begin the flow of this healing energy. 

You will learn: how to begin the flow of Reiki, hand positions for self-treatment as well as treating family and friends, the history of Reiki, the Reiki philosophy, all about the chakras and energy body, how to feel and see the aura, how to ground and cleanse your own energy, and several meditation techniques.  We will also discuss the nature of healing, energy, the 21-day clearing process, and how to use Reiki for everyday life situations.

The total cost of the Course is £165.  You may register and reserve your space with a £50 deposit here and pay the balance anytime prior to the Course.

You will receive a 30-page printed course manual, a professionally recognised Certificate, and advice any time you need it after the course.  

Courses are taught over two full days on these upcoming weekends, in Hackney E8 (close to London Fields / Bethnal Green stations):  

October 21/22
December 2/3
January 13/14
February 24/25

Please email me with any questions at all @ brighitta(at)

Reiki is love, light and pure joy. We look forward to sharing this expansive energy with you!

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