Reiki 2 - The Second Degree (Two Day Course) Deposit

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Reiki 2 - The Second Degree (Two Day Course) Deposit


The Second Degree focuses on using Reiki to treat others, as well as expanding and opening the energy channels even more. Reiki 2 is the Practitioner's level. Students receive three of the Reiki Symbols and the second degree attunement.

The Reiki symbols allow the Practitioner to connect more deeply to the flow of universal energy, as well as draw on the specific qualities the symbol represents. Due to the intensity of the attunement process, I recommend waiting 60-90 days between Reiki 1 and 2. We will practice drawing the symbols and invoking their qualities, sharing Reiki with each other, as well as practicing distance/remote healing.  You will also learn how to begin a professional Reiki Practice.

The total cost of the Course is £250.  You may register and reserve your space with a £50 deposit here and pay the balance anytime prior to the Course.

You will receive a 40-page printed course manual, a professionally recognised Certificate, and advice any time you need it after the course.  

Courses are taught over two full days on these upcoming weekends, in Hackney E8 (close to London Fields / Bethnal Green stations):  

Next Course dates:  
September 23/24
December 9/10
February 3/4

I'm happy to answer any questions you have, so do get in touch : brighitta(at)

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