Reiki 2 - The Second Degree (Two Day Course) Deposit


Reiki 2 - The Second Degree (Two Day Course) Deposit


The Second Degree focuses on using Reiki to treat others, as well as expanding and opening the energy channels even more. This level greatly increases the flow of energy through the body and puts more emphasis on spiritual growth and intuitive development. Reiki 2 is the Practitioner level and is taught over two full days, for 14 contact hours. Students receive the Reiki 2 attunement and learn three of the Reiki Symbols. The symbols allow the Practitioner to connect more deeply to the flow of universal energy, as well as draw on the specific qualities each represents. This includes giving a Reiki treatment from a distance - which is the amazing ability to send healing energy to anyone (or any situation) regardless of whether they are next to you or across the globe. 

You will learn: 
- The Power, Harmony, and Connection Symbols and how to use them both practically and creatively - for self-treatments, treating others, and life situations
- The mantras and kotodamas (sacred sounds) for each symbol
- A deeper exploration of using your intuition, along with several techniques from the Japanese lineage (with practice sessions)
- Techniques for balancing, reading, and working with the chakras
- How to send a remote healing treatment (with practice sessions)
- How to begin a professional Reiki Practice and market yourself
- Integrating Reiki into your life as a spiritual practice.
- How to work with Spirit Guides professionally, personally, and practically.

The cost of the 2-day Course is £250, which includes instruction from two passionate Reiki Master/Teachers, an extensive printed 40-page Reiki 2 manual, a professional Practitioner's Certificate (enabling you to get insurance and start your Practice if you desire), and advice any time you need it after the course.

You may register and reserve your space with a £50 deposit here, or you can email me at brighitta(at)

I'm happy to answer any questions you have, do get in touch!

Upcoming Course dates:
February 3/4
March 24/25

*10% of student fees are donated to St. Joseph's Hospice Charity

*Due to the intensity of the attunement process, it is recommended to wait 2-3 months between Reiki 1 and 2 so you can acclimate to the higher frequencies and get familiar with Reiki. 

*Please make sure to click "purchase" after you've entered your payment information (step 3 of the checkout).  You will receive a receipt straight away if successful. Thank you!*

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