Awakening Light is run by Brighitta - a Reiki Master + Teacher, Artist, and Intuitive Guide based in London.


I became a Reiki Practitioner 14 years ago - this awakening energy sparked the fire of my spiritual development and was my gateway to Spirit. It continues to inspire me deeply.

The most rewarding part of my work is when I see that expression pure child-like awe as someone feels the bigger picture and their place within it - sometimes that's just after a reiki session, sometimes it's during a reading, but most often it happens on a Reiki Course. Reiki gives us a tangible method for touching the eternal, magical nature of our true selves. I know when I see that total wonderment on someone's face that from then on they will always know that they are part of something grand and mysterious, and that they have the power to tap into it at any time. What a gift that is!


Healing means to become whole again.

Reiki awakens us to our original state of wholeness - it helps us to feel connected (which is our truth) and leads to healing (which is our nature). It works on all levels - to dissolve blockages and bring you into alignment with your True Self. As it stimulates the body to heal it can trigger the release of emotional blocks which can lead to being more open to the natural flow of life, better relationships, and the energy to take steps towards your deepest desires. Reiki promotes relaxation, often creating a deeply meditative state. As it restores harmony, it is a powerful complimentary therapy for anything that feels out of balance.

I combine this nurturing energy with intuitive guidance for truly transformative healing sessions.

Treatments take place in Covent Garden, Crystal Palace, or can be booked for Remote Treatments.

"Brighitta has a beautiful space and welcoming energy that allowed me to fully relax and share without judgement or fear. It was uplifting and completely life changing. I'm not one to exaggerate - my session with Brighitta truly switched my perspective on life and I enjoyed such a profound and beautiful experience that will stay with me for a long time. I can't recommend her sessions enough!"
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Reiki is very easy to learn and yet it is a profound system of holistic healing. Reiki is a journey towards spiritual awakening - by using it you will begin to feel the underlying connection in all existence, heal your life, and understand the deepest nature of your True Self. 

All of our Reiki Courses are co-taught by two experienced, enthusiastic, full-time Reiki Master/Teachers. We teach from two of the main Reiki lineages, combining the traditional Western and Japanese teachings as passed down from Mikao Usui, the Buddhist who developed the System of Reiki. We blend the spiritual with the practical and pride ourselves in supporting our students through their journeys to awaken with Reiki.

Next Reiki 1: March 17/18
Next Reiki 2: March 24/25


Connect, Rest, and recharge with an awakening community.

Open to all who have been attuned to Reiki, regardless of lineage, level, or teacher. Reiki Shares are a gorgeous gathering of like-minded souls coming together to enjoy a sense of community, meditate, chat over a cup of tea, and of course to share healing energy. Receiving Reiki from three or more practitioners at once is an unforgettable, magical, and deeply healing experience. Held monthly on the Triangle in Crystal Palace, SE19.

Now offering a follow-on session of Yin Yoga! This is an optional 'add-on' for that extra layer of rest and recharging. From 1:30-3 following the share, Kirsteen Jones will lead a restorative yoga practice while we both weave Reiki into the resting postures, focusing on the heart chakra and filling the aura with light. If you haven't experienced Reiki or Yoga before and would like to come feel it out, please feel free to join us from 1:30 on these very special Sundays.

NEXT GATHERING //  22nd April // Share from 11-1, Yoga from 1:30-3

Tales of Dharma - A Spring Awakening

Yoga, Sound, Storytelling, Guided Meditation, Nature, and Creative Writing. 
Join Brighitta and a team of four creative practitioners for a full day retreat within the beautiful green grounds of Beckenham Place Park Mansion. We'll explore 'Dharma', often translated as our 'true calling', through the beauty of ancient tales, and the meandering playful creativity of movement, music and writing.

Expect a soulful vinyasa yoga practice led by Claire Horton plus storytelling, music & sound, creative writing, guided meditations, woodland walking, deep rest and delicious fresh spring-inspired food!

Saturday 7th April 2018 from 10:00am – 4:30pm
at Beckenham Place Park Mansion
£75 per person for the whole day (includes all food and equipment) Space limited to 20.


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Choose to slip into presence visually with a time-lapse shot over the course of one lunar cycle in the foothills of the Himalaya, journey to meet your Spirit Guide, or for those attuned to Reiki, you can practice a Metta-Reiki guided meditation, offering healing out to the world.  More meditations coming soon!